Vale of Pickering Environmental Baseline Monitoring



Meet the team behind the project and find out more about it


Community ‘drop in’ event at Kirby Misperton Village Hall


Tuesday 19 April, 3 pm–7 pm

The British Geological Survey (BGS) and its partners have been carrying out an environmental baseline monitoring programme across the Vale of Pickering in Yorkshire. This is independent of regulators or industry. We would like to invite you to an informal drop in event to find out what we have been monitoring, what we have found and to have an opportunity to speak to the team who have been carrying out the work. Please feel free to join us anytime between 3–7 pm.

Who will be there?

As well as geologists, seismologists and groundwater scientists from the British Geological Survey, there will be scientists from the universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester and York, and Public Health England to help explain the various monitoring programmes that we are carrying out.

What are we monitoring and why?

Our work so far includes monitoring water quality (groundwater and surface water), seismicity (earthquakes), ground motion, air quality including radon, and soil gas. The investigations are independent of any monitoring carried out by industry or the regulators and the information being collected is being made publicly available through the project’s website.

What will the project achieve?

The project will:

  • provide publicly accessible information and evidence on baseline conditions in the areas around the proposed hydraulic fracturing site;
  • establish a benchmark against which any future changes to the environment during and after hydraulic fracturing can be measured;
  • ensure the best environmental monitoring is carried out in the future.

BGSFor more information please contact:

British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5GG

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